Consider using multiple Instagram Usernames

My friend Greg Sims is a professional photographer that uses Instagram to highlight his work.  What I found interesting about Greg’s take on Instagram is that he’s NOT using it to build an army of followers.  In fact it’s the opposite (and that’s a subject for another blog entry)…

@gregsims @gregsimsdeux @gregoryscottsims

Greg uses Instagram as a gallery to market to current and potential clients.  Ok, nothing new here.  Pointing someone to your account on Instagram is super easy.  And they probably already know how it works so they don’t have to learn how to navigate another website.  – That’s always a plus…

But what I found interesting is that Greg has multiple Instagram usernames / handles, each based on different themes.  The reason for this is that he’s REALLY good working with different subjects.  And if he put all his different work on a single account, there’d be a real mish-mash of visuals.

One Instagram account might have architecture, whilst another is food or people or composites.  His strategy with the different accounts is to provide consistency of content.

To paraphrase Greg: ‘It’s got to look good.  Every image has to make sense.  You can’t have dark wood next to something bright or a close-up next to something far-away.  It all has to have a flow to it, consistency, like an actual portfolio.’

Using this method, Greg can point clients to examples of his work.

So how do you make this work?

  • Consider a theme for each of your Instagram handles and stick to it.
  • Provide consistency both with visual content and information.
  • Be honest with your audience and enjoy the process.

Would love to hear from you…  Share with me you an insight or hack in the work/life realm.  Take care!

“Be of service, but not a servant.”

Provide the product & service that you’ve promised. Provide an experience that’s goal is to exceed expectations. Think: “under promise & over-deliver.”

BUT don’t be a slave to unreasonable demands & expectations.

Be fair. Be courteous. Be firm. Stand your ground.

Some people will never be happy or satisfied – that’s their burden not yours.

Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime – with a New Twist

Earlier in the summer I was excited to learn that we’d been invited to immediately join Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime program.  This new opportunity would give us that potential sales lift of the coveted ‘Prime’ badge while still allowing us to ship from our warehouse.

If you already utilize Seller Fulfilled Prime you know that you’re required to get an item to the customer in 2-days.  So unless you’re really big, it’s impossible to offer Seller Fulfilled Prime on low cost items due to the high shipping cost.  Forget about USPS First Class and Priority mail options, because they aren’t considered by Amazon as being able to meet that 2-day window.

The nature of my business is such that Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is not an attractive option.  Plus, we already have a GREAT fulfillment system set up here at the shop.  And quite frankly I like the control of shipping stuff ourselves – we’re really good at it.

So now Amazon sweetens the Seller Fulfilled Prime proposition with a new program that’s flown in under the radar of most small sellers.  This new program is called: Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Small and Light.  Let’s just call it SNL for now.

SNL is designed for products with a lower seller price – think products such as cell phone charges, cases, cables, pens, etc.  And as the program title suggests, these are Prime orders, fulfilled by you rather than Amazon.  In order to make fiscal sense, the delivery promise to the buyers is different.  Now instead of a free 2-day shipping promise, it’s a free 4 to 5-day shipping promise.  Now shipping with lowest USPS methods make sense. Wow.

Other requirements for SNL are a maximum package weight of 15 ounces, dimensions of 16x9x4 or less, and a maximum price of $15.  And you have to be enrolled in the Amazon SellerCentral program (

Here’s an example of one of our items that utilizing SNL:

We’re already selling products like the one listed above with free shipping via USPS 1st class mail.  And now with SNL we get the Prime Badge with very little extra effort.  Nice.

Contact me directly if you want more information.   Thanks.  Take care and be well!